Orchard & Vineyard

Design Services

The quality of every tree, vine or crop in an orchard or vineyard is impacted by how it’s watered. Our multidisciplinary team of irrigation specialists, IA-certified design engineers and agronomists are here to help. Using leading-edge technology and equipment, we can customize your drip irrigation, under-tree frost control and over-tree cooling needs to your specific requirements. 

Having designed the largest contiguous Orchard Irrigation Frost Control System in the State of Washington, we know what it takes to deliver creative solutions on time and on budget.

Our Products and Solutions

Our full-service parts department can provide you with all you need to take care of the watering requirements of your orchards and vineyards. Whether you require a complete design or redesign of your irrigation system, upgrades or replacement parts, our full-service philosophy has got you covered. From driplines, micro-sprinklers and remote monitoring technology to cooling, frost protection or fertilizer injection systems, we have the in-house expertise to meet your needs. We carry a wide range of brands and products that meet your unique watering and irrigation needs, including Jain, Rainbird, Nelson and Toro.

How can we help you grow?