Service and Repair

If something goes wrong with your irrigation system, our specialists can quickly be dispatched to your field to diagnose and repair the problem. Whether it’s a pivot, pump, flat tire, alignment or electrical issue, our experienced crew of pivot technicians, journeymen electricians, welders and machinists will get your operation running again in no time. We repair and service all makes and models of irrigation systems and components in your field or, when that’s not possible, in our shop.

Pump Repair

Whether you require a DIY replacement part, need repair, or a complete rebuild of your irrigation pump, we carry an extensive parts inventory to service any brand of pump. We do repairs and rebuilds in-house and rely on an expert network of sub-trades to troubleshoot challenging issues. We aim to get pumps operational and back in your field as quickly as possible.


Well-maintained irrigation systems operate at peak efficiency, but finding the time to do this yourself can be challenging when you run an agricultural operation. Our team of mobile service technicians performs routine maintenance checks that can help prevent costly shutdowns and repairs. Regular maintenance completed by experienced technicians can also extend the lifespan of your equipment, conserve resources, reduce operational costs, and maximize your crop yield.

Trenching and Installation

Our approach to trenching and installation is designed to ensure optimal water distribution for healthier crops. We have the expertise to anticipate and mitigate site-specific challenges that may arise during installation in all types of fields and topographies. When installation is complete, our customers can rely on an efficient irrigation system that supports overall efficiency and profitability.


Our custom fabrication services tailor solutions to almost any field’s unique terrain and environmental requirements. We achieve this by designing, fabricating and integrating components to optimize efficiency, minimize water waste and increase the effectiveness and longevity of irrigation systems.


Installed by our journeyman electricians, our innovative electrical solutions are designed to support even the most complex irrigation systems. From tying into local utility services to supporting remote monitoring and integration with other technologies, our goal is to optimize a core function that keeps irrigation systems running efficiently.

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